Low impact pregnancy workouts and water aerobics

Even if you might not feel like cycling cross-country or signing up for a marathon when you are pregnant, low impact pregnancy workouts will go a long way to keep you feeling gorgeous and healthy. If you were physically fit before your pregnancy, nothing is stopping you from continuing your exercise regime, as long as you are willing to adapt and tweak it a little bit.

Low impact pregnancy workouts are the safest option. Low impact only means less jarring and bouncing, but make no mistake, the workout can burn quite a bit of calories. Water aerobics especially is beneficial to keep your baby bump in shape is the ideal workout, and many newcomers to a fitness regime can ease right into it.

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Being in water is a wonderful sensation when you are pregnant. It brings about a feeling of weightlessness and offers relief to some of the strain of carrying a baby. Water aerobics offers a safe and comfortable environment for you while you are getting fit.

Benefits of low impact pregnancy workouts

While exercising is generally beneficial to expecting mummies, water aerobics are considered to be one of the safest options with little risk of injury, assuming of course that you do not overdo it. It benefits your entire body, and you can keep going right up to the final trimester. Aside from the obvious benefits of exercising, the joys and perks of water aerobics are numerous;

  • It offers the same fat-punching endurance workout than normal aerobics, but without the jarring and pounding that some pregnant women find unpleasant.
  • Your posture will improve and your discomforts and aches will fade away.
  • You are able to move better because the water supports your growing tummy. There is zero risk of you falling and losing your balance.
  • The water resistance really works all those muscle groups for a complete body workout
  • Getting started on low impact pregnancy workouts now will make it easier to shed the baby weight later
  • The physical stamina that you’re building will actually help you during labour
  • Accelerated movement will reduce constipation and bloating
  • A big plus point for many expecting mommies, is that you will have more energy to go about your daily tasks
  • Studies have shown that this kind of workout will diminish your chances of having an episiotomy, a Caesarean or a forceps delivery
  • You don’t need any special equipment, just a comfy and well-fitting maternity swim suit
  • The temperature of the water will prevent your body from overheating, which can be dangerous to the baby.

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