Lowered sex drive after pregnancy

When my youngest was 8 months old, I was talking with a good friend and I mentioned that my husband and I were having a small issue with sex. We used to have a very active sex life, but since the baby came, it had been barely existent.

After giving birth, my sex drive plummeted while my husbands stayed high. This was causing a bit of a rift. My husband assumed that I did not find him attractive anymore. My friend said the same thing had happened to her and her husband after they had their baby. Thankfully I was not alone and as it turns out, a lowered sex drive after pregnancy is very common AND very fixable.

Healing up

There are many key reasons why couples have trouble getting the fire back in the bedroom after having a child. First of all, you go through unavoidable hormonal and body changes and a woman can’t have sex immediately after giving birth because of necessary recovery.

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However, it can go beyond this recovery period. Husbands mistakenly think that once everything is healed on the outside, their wives should be good to go. In reality, your body may be ready for sex but there is much more healing to be done on the inside. Hormones need to readjust, parts move back to place and it can take the around a year before your body and mind are back to pre-pregnancy state.

A woman might be self-conscious about her new figure and so doesn’t feel sexy. Also, a new baby is exhausting so maybe sleep sounds more appealing every night than sex. But, once baby, and you, are sleeping more regularly through the night and your body is back to its pre-pregnancy shape, your bound to feel much better about having sex.

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