5 ways men react to the words, ‘I’m pregnant!’


How men react to pregnancy

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It's hard to determine what your own reaction will be once you get pregnant. Your emotions can range from joy to worry to disbelief in a matter of minutes. One possible concern you might have is your partner's reaction to your pregnancy. Men's reaction to pregnancy announcements can be quite diverse and astounding at times. Pregnancy news can be overwhelming, even for couples who were already trying for a baby. Whether you like your partner's reaction to the news or not, don't be quick to make judgement. Give him time to process the information thoroughly before jumping to conclusions. Also, make sure he's the first to find out he's going to be a dad. Hearing the news from his friends, co-workers or relatives can be an unpleasant surprise. Here are some of the usual reactions that men can experience in this situation.

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