5 breastmilk recipes for mum and dad

Expressed breastmilk can pretty much be used in any recipe that calls for milk. Its rich, cream like taste has been known as a great substitute for creamer, and a tasty addition to ice cream and many a baby puree recipe.

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The nutritional content of breastmilk is so superior that there is no need for any wastage! Breastmilk recipes may not just be for babies. If you have any spare, then it can be used in a number of recipes for the whole family to enjoy. Check out these 5 breastmilk recipes suitable for mum and dad!

Homemade butter

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This homemade butter recipe is so simple and is perfect on toast for mum, dad and baby! The recipe provides a great workout and you don't need any fancy kitchen appliances to help you.

Chilled breastmilk

1. Fill a jar about a two-thirds of the way with expressed breastmilk.
2. Screw the lid on tight and shake as hard as you can until butter forms. This can take around 15-20 minutes.

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