Our baby – gone too soon

Name: L

Age: Then 26

Pregnancy Concern: Minimal fetal movement and growth detected at Week 12 antenatal scan.  

I got married at a young age of 26, and was overjoyed to discover that we were expecting our first child after a mere 6 months. The first few weeks into my pregnancy were smooth and I was overwhelmed with excitement knowing that I would see my baby’s 3-month scan soon. I was reassuring myself that my first trimester scan would be normal and I could then announce my pregnancy to my family and friends and start making plans for the new baby.

During the scan, I could see my baby’s tiny little fingers and toes for the first time. I turned to the sonographer and asked if everything was fine. “Your doctor will go through the scan with you,” he said. At that moment, it didn’t cross my mind that something could be wrong with my baby.

Hearing the bad news

A letter was sent to my gynaecologist shortly and I was called in for a consultation. He asked me how old I was and if I was bearing my first child. He reached out, held my hand with comfort and said, “Your baby is not growing well and is not moving much.” A million thoughts crossed my mind after hearing the last word of the sentence.

I could not accept, understand or hear what my gynaecologist was saying.

I blanked out.

My husband was not by my side. Being young and conceiving for the first time, the situation was too severe and intense for me to handle on my own. My tears came rolling down my cheeks.

My doctor advised me that I have to decide to discontinue my pregnancy, or to observe another week for any further movement by my baby

I chose to give myself and my baby another week.

It was one of the most emotionally challenging week to go through in my life, my mind kept reminding me that my baby had stopped moving.

My husband accompanied me to see my gynaecologist the following week. He confirmed that my baby was inactive. We know that we can’t give a third chance to our baby anymore. We scheduled for a dilation & curettage (D&C) procedure the next day.

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