Must-haves for travelling with kids

When my little girl turned 5, we decided to go for a short staycation as part of her birthday celebration. Imagine her excitement when we were gifted with a Trunki luggage bag, a Trunki Paddlepak Kids backpack, and a pair of Squids sunglasses for kids – just in time for her birthday and the staycation!

I didn’t manage to capture any shots of my girl riding on her Trunki luggage bag on the way to the hotel as we had our hands full with bags and our squirmy little boy, but here’s how it looks like:

travelling essentials for kids

The Trunki is one of the must-have essentials for travelling with kids. Tip: Hold on to the green ‘horns’ for support while riding!

The Trunki luggage bag is perfect because it manoeuvres easily, for both kids and adults – simply by adjusting the strap provided.

travelling essentials for kids

Travelling essentials for kids: My little girl travelled on her Trunki around Resorts World Sentosa.

The Trunki provides kids with a seat any time, any place! This is especially helpful when waiting at hotel lobbies or even at the airport when travelling overseas.

travelling essentials for kids

Travelling essentials for kids – Sitting on the Trunki.

Apart from being a great toy just on its own, the Trunki is an incredibly functional. It serves as a suitcase where kids can pack in their essentials, toys and what not:

Travelling essentials for kids

Travelling essentials for kids

The Trunki luggage bag also comes with a cute ‘passport’ to keep your little one occupied while travelling.

travelling essentials for kids

Travelling essentials for kids – A Trunki passport to keep things fun!

Once we settled down in our hotel room, our first agenda was to explore the pool. Since it was mid-afternoon, my girl brought out her new Squids sunglasses:

travelling essentials for kids

One of our favourite travelling essentials for kids: Turquoise Squids sunglasses which comes with a cute green PVC pouch.

The Squids sunglasses are designed to protect your little one’s eyes from harmful sun damage during active outdoor play. This was perfect for our staycation as we were in the sun quite a bit.

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