Must-haves for travelling with kids

travelling essentials for kids

Swimming at the pool.

travelling essentials for kids

At the beach.

These lightweight flexible frames with 100% UV protective, shatterproof lens, designed to fit kids aged 3-10, stayed firmly wrapped around her face. The sunglasses helped to keep her eyes well protected, even as she swam at the pool.

The high flex frames float in water – so there’s no need to worry about bringing it along for a leisurely dip.

travelling essentials for kids

Sunnies taking a dip in the pool.

Since we went to the beach and to the pool, it was really handy to have the Trunki Paddlepak Kids Backpack with us. Not only is it irresistibly adorable, it is also water resistant – perfect for days out at the beach, swimming pool or even for school.

travelling essentials for kids

My ultra-sporty looking girl in her swimming gear and her Paddlepak, heading to the pool.

The design of the backpack is inspired by adults’ outdoor bags, with the similar roll top seal:

travelling essentials for kids

Travelling essentials for kids: Easy fold Paddlepak.

And it comes with Paddlepak’s patent-pending break-away safety buckle to seal the bag.

travelling essentials for kids

The safety buckle seals the bag.

The Trunki grip™ attached to one of the shoulder straps is also perfect for sunglasses/goggles, so there’s no need to open the bag to take out or keep the sunglasses:

travelling essentials for kids

The perfect grip for your sunnies.

The Paddlepak also features a tail fin that not only completes the look of the bag, it doubles up as a functional pocket to keep little items separate from the main bag compartment.

travelling essentials for kids

Great for storing our hotel room card and the little seashells we collected from the beach.

The Trunki luggage suitcase, the Paddlepak backpack and the Squids sunglasses proved to be really wonderful essentials that made our little getaway more complete and enjoyable – especially for my girl who simply adored her lovely birthday gifts!

Disclosure: This is an advertorial. All opinions are mine, and so is the cute kid featured.

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