My natural birth story in Singapore

Pregnant.Sg reader, Mrs Wen Lim, tells us about the day she gave birth to her son by natural birth — without any medications in Singapore. Read her natural birth experience.

I delivered my baby boy on 22 March 2012. I had a natural birth without epidural. My baby’s EDD was 22 March itself, however as the days got closer, there were no signs of labour, and I began to worry.

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The beginning of my birth

My doctor informed me to walk more to help me dilate, as I was only 1.5cm dilated at 38-39 weeks. So, I listened to her and went shopping and even came home with 2 hands full of things. I shopped until the very day before I delivered my baby, and all my friends were so worried that my water might break while shopping!

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As the EDD day drew near, still no contractions at all until about 3:00 am on 22 March. I suddenly felt some leaking after visiting the toilet. Feeling unsure if it was my water that had broken (because it didn’t feel like what I expected), I went back to bed to rest but informed my husband about it.

After monitoring for about 10 mins, some of my friends urged me to go to the hospital. So, I went to prepare myself, when to my surprise, I saw blood on my panty liner and knew it was the beginning of my labour.

Labour hits

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