Overdue? Natural ways to induce labour

D-Day is here, but there’s no sign that your baby is coming. Approximately 10% of pregnancies can last longer than 42 weeks. Most last between 37 to 41 weeks. In this series, we take a look at different ways to induce labour, where these methods originate from and the effectiveness of such techniques.

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Since being overdue can present the risk of stillbirth, doctors recommend induction. But inducing labour with drugs can be risky. Synthetic oxytocin is harsh on the body, and studies show that it can put stress on the mother and baby. An emergency C-section might be needed if the labour does not progress as planned. Natural ways to induce labour are much milder and less traumatising for the mother’s body.

If you are still concerned about your birth, feel free to discuss your options with your obstetrician/gynaecologist. Depending on your medical and pregnancy history, he will decide what is most appropriate.

What worked for you? Share your ways to induce labour in the comments section below.

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