New dad’s guide to caring for a newborn

The baby has arrived home. Now what? Mothers always seem to know what to do around babies, don’t they? How about fathers? For daddies, the first time alone with your bundle of joy need not be a nervous nightmare. Here is a simple new dad’s guide to caring for a newborn by yourself!

The joy of diaper changing

Make sure you are familiar with the steps in diaper changing. It would be helpful for you to attend antenatal classes with your spouse to learn how to change diapers. Having to change a loaded diaper without some know-how could create a very unpleasant experience for you and your baby.

Assembling milk bottles

Make sure you know where Mummy has kept all the bottles and learn how to assemble and disassemble one. Do some test runs under the guidance of an expert. Also remember to sprinkle a few drops of milk on the inside of your wrist to test for temperature.

Distraction tools

Make sure you have age appropriate toys on hand and that you know where the baby DVDs are. Babies are easily distracted and these tools can help ease their anxiety when Mummy is not around.

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