Office rules: Working during pregnancy

Before you became pregnant, your office job was your everyday life — and it still might be.  But for how long? You may want to continue working during pregnancy, and for most women, this is perfectly okay. In many cases a job helps women to maintain a sense of norm without feeling like their pregnancies have completely taken over their lives (and the extra cash-flow of course doesn’t hurt). If you’re considering to continue working during your pregnancy, here are some general guidelines to follow.

When should I stop working during pregnancy?

Every woman should make her own choice regarding her maternity leave. Some women are comfortable working until the last moment before giving birth, while others require taking leave earlier. It all depends on how each pregnancy progresses and whether there are other health issues or factors involved. The decision to stop working should be based on these considerations first

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You may want to continue working during pregnancy in order to get as much time possible with the baby once it is born. However, this magical time, and you may want to get some time for yourself before giving birth. Most women stop working at least two weeks before their due date in order to make all the necessary preparations before giving birth. (Plus, it gets a little hard to function normally around this time!) All things considered, your health and your baby’s health are the most important factors when it comes to making the decision to stop working during pregnancy.

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