Lost and found – One woman’s struggle with pregnancy and miscarriage

Sadly, miscarriage can happen during your first trimester, it affects around 10 to 20 percent of pregnancies. There are a number of causes and it’s a terrible experience for a couple to have to go through.

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If you have been affected by miscarriage and are thinking about trying for another baby or are just looking for answers, then our latest contributor might be able to offer some comfort.

Author of ‘Lost and Found’, Felicia Tan, speaks out about the struggle she faced with pregnancy and miscarriage. Read a snippet of her story here:

“After my first miscarriage, we were careful to check out the risks and to weigh up the pros and cons before conceiving again. I was told I might have cervical incompetence, so I began surfing online for what can be done to prevent this. Transvaginal Cerclage (TVC) came up. This is a procedure which involves stitching the cervix, usually carried out at 12 weeks and removed after 36 weeks.

“Following my latest round of In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) , I finally conceived. Not only that, I was pregnant with twins, what a pleasant surprise! Both of our families were very happy, however, we knew that i may be suffering with this condition and the dangers associated with this. The question we faced now – to stitch or not to stitch?

To stitch or not to stitch

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