What are the options for giving birth in Singapore?

If you think there are only a few options for giving birth, think again! In today’s world, there is a birthing style for everyone’s tastes. Whether you prefer a traditional hospital birth or a home birth, there is surely something that fits your life!

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Check out the pros and cons of these ten common options for giving birth to get you started on making your decision.

Birth centre

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Last but not least is the birth centre birthing options. Birth centres are becoming very popular due to the fact that they offer a happy medium between the regulated but medical professional hospitals and the comfort of home.

Birth centres offer a huge variety of things to make you able to have the most comfortable birth ever such as water birth, aromatherapy, massaging pressure points, etc. Everything you could want to be more comfortable is probably available there.

There are very few limitations to what you prefer your birth to be like. Also there is some medical intervention unlike a home birth. The catch? There are two; it may not be covered by insurance and also there is no medical intervention for serious emergencies. This means that you will have to be transferred to a hospital in an emergency.

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