Feeding time – Is organic baby food better?

Infants do have weaker immune systems and so could fall ill from being exposed to regular, non-organic food. But choosing to just feed your baby organic grub could ultimately do more harm than good.

With an immune system that is less receptive to different kinds of food as they go on with life, it could cause your child to have to live on a restrictive diet due to food allergy reactions.

Is organic baby food more nutritious?

Unfortunately, research has yet to show whether organic baby food harvesting has more benefits than non-organic ones. In fact, no guarantees are made on organic food packages, to prove they are any more beneficial to your little one than regular baby food.

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In this case, your safest bet is to make your baby’s meals from scratch. This way, you can mix a range of organic and non-organic foods.

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Stay healthy

Whether you decide to settle for organic baby food, regular baby food, or a mixture of both, the most important factor is ensuring your bundle of joy gets a well-balanced diet. Feeding baby healthy foods from a young age will cultivate better eating habits in the long run.

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