Too much milk! Coping with an oversupply of breast milk

Does it feel like your breasts are working overtime? It’s a blessing that you are producing plenty of milk but when it’s more than your baby needs, an oversupply of breast milk can be a painful burden.

The oversupply of breast milk can make your baby fussy between feeds because they struggle to take in the downpour of a very strong and excessive milk flow. On the up side, your breast milk production will regulate as your body learns to sync with the needs of your baby.

While your body adjusts the supply, you still have to cope with the excess. One of the best ways to do this is to express and store your milk. This is especially good if you are feeding your little one breast milk exclusively.

As this can prompt your body into “supply and demand” mode, which will cue it to produce even more milk, you should make sure that you pump both breasts until they are drained. This breast milk can be stored in the freezer to be used at a later date.

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Your baby should nurse from the same breast for two to four feedings in a row, before you change over. During this time, pump just a small amount from the unused breast to relieve the pressure. This technique will see a decrease in production within 48 hours.

Breast milk stored in the freezer is good for those emergency feedings but expressed breast milk has a shelf life, even if it is frozen.

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