Paternity leave Singapore – what are you entitled to as a new dad?

There’s never been a better time to be a new father in Singapore! Thanks to much needed enhancements to the Marriage and Parenthood package, the Singapore government has finally introduced paid paternity leave for fathers.

Make sure you are getting all the benefits you deserve. Here are some important facts about paternity leave in Singapore.

New measures for paternity leave Singapore

As of now, fathers of a baby born on 1 May 2013 or after will be able to take one week of paid paternity leave off. The best part is that this one week doesn’t need to be taken immediately after birth either. It can be used anytime within the first 16 weeks of your baby’s birth. You and your spouse can decide together when you could use it the most. Additionally, mums will be able to transfer one week of their paid maternity leave over to their spouse, so mum and dad can both spend more time together with their baby.

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Why paternity leave is important

When a baby is born, it’s not just a life-changing transition for mums but for dads too. For too long, society has not recognized the need for fathers to bond with their newborns and adapt to fatherhood. Giving fathers paternity leave, even if it is for one week, highlights the value of dad’s role in the family.

Another important message that introducing paternity leave sends is that child care is not only a woman’s duty. It signifies a shift towards a more balanced responsibility in raising children. It also takes the pressure off working women, and will go some way towards reducing employer discrimination against mothers. Plus, if you decide not to hire a confinement nanny, then dad’s time on paternity leave will be especially beneficial.

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Why you should take your paternity leave

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