Getting a paternity test in Singapore

Paternity testing is not common in Singapore, but the demand is gradually increasing with lifestyle changes among Singaporeans. In recent years, aside from paternity testing at the Health Sciences Authority, private companies have also sprung up offering DNA testing services. How do they differ? Here are answers to some common questions about a paternity test in Singapore.

What is paternity testing?

A paternity test is a test that a man takes to determine whether he is the biological father of a child. The test uses DNA samples collected from the man and the child, which are analysed in b a lab to look for genetic matches.

Traditionally, DNA testing can only be done when a baby is born. Newer tests, however, claim to be able to produce accurate results from nine weeks of pregnancy onwards, using blood samples from mother and father.

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Where can I get a paternity test in Singapore?

As paternity tests are not so common in Singapore, you will have to go to the Health Sciences Authority if you want it performed by a public medical organisation. A paternity test by HAS costs $925 and takes about two weeks for the results.

There are also three private companies now offering cheaper paternity tests, ranging from $500 to $700. DNA samples are typically sent to overseas labs in the United States or the U.K. for analysis, with faster results possible. These companies are:

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How is a paternity test in Singapore done?

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