The crutches of my pregnancy

Name: A

Age: Unknown

Pregnancy concern: Pain in lower body, unable to walk properly, headaches and feeling bloated in third trimester

Most pregnant mums often dread the final trimester of pregnancy. Apart from feeling hot, heavy and extra bloated, walking suddenly becomes a challenging activity to endure on a daily basis.

Now, imagine going through all these pregnancy discomforts with the addition of crutches. That was what I had to go through during the last 4 months of my pregnancy.

Difficulty standing up

After enjoying a nice dinner at home one day, I suddenly felt a surge of pain in my lower body. I struggled to stand up – but could not pull myself up from my sitting position. My husband and I started to panic, and we were not sure what to do next. As I was in too much pain to stand or walk, my husband had to carry me upstairs to our room.

I quickly went to see my gynaecologist the next day. She examined my pain areas thoroughly and asked me a few questions. After looking through her notes on the symptoms that I was experiencing, she told me that I had Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). Apparently, this condition is quite common in pregnant women – and is triggered when the ligaments that are holding the pelvis together loosen prematurely to open up in preparation for delivery. When this happens, the pelvis will start to rock and the jarring motion causes a lot of pain.

To prevent my pelvis from loosening further, my gynaecologist told me to consider moving around in a wheelchair. I adamantly disagreed to that and ‘negotiated’ to try walking less – with crutches – instead. She then cautioned me that should my condition worsen, I would have to be on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy.

How did A coped with the pelvic pain during pregnancy? More details on the next page…