Pelvic rocking to prepare for birth

Giving birth is one of the biggest events in your life, so it is only natural that you should want to prepare yourself for it, both emotionally and physically. When baby is ready to make his grand exit, there will be a lot of movement in the pelvic bones, muscles and ligaments. Pelvic rocking exercises will help your pelvis to become more pliable and strong, which will assist a great deal in a smooth labour.

You can start pelvic rocking exercises early in pregnancy to keep your movements flexible. The motion is also especially soothing to the back and spine, and your little one will actually enjoy this rocking motion. Starting early will let you practise and help you feel more prepared for using the method during the actual labour stage. Pelvic rocking can be used by women in labour to ease aches, and will help them to focus on the contractions. Additionally, the motion can help with moving baby into the birth canal, as it is quite a natural movement.

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It can be used in an upright position, sitting down on an exercise ball, on your hands and knees, or lying down. Pelvic rocking provides an excellent tool during labour to take your mind off the contractions.

Pelvic rocking methods

  • Exercise ball

Exercise balls are also commonly called yoga or pregnancy balls. They are very easy to find, and are inexpensive comfort tools for expecting mummies. Sitting on a ball while doing your pelvic rocks will help the movement to flow more naturally, and the position can even be used during labour.

The exercise is simple; sit on the ball with your legs splayed wide on either side for support, and gently rock from side to side. It is all it takes. You can also rock forwards and backwards, but take care not to rock too far back.

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