Pelvic rocking to prepare for birth

  • Hula hoop

Moderate hula hooping in the morning and night is also an excellent way to get your pelvis moving, but be sure not to overdo it, as the exercise can be quite strenuous.

  • Dancing

Dancing is a fun way to keep blood circulation going through the rhythmic rocking of your pelvis. It is a great way to keep the pelvic floor muscles fluid and will also compliment the movements of your baby.

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  • Pelvic floor rocks

Start by lying down on your back (not recommended for the late second and third trimester), bring your knees up, and place your feet firmly on the floor, with your hands splayed on the floor beside you. Gently push forward on the heels of your feet, and rock your pelvis forward and backwards, without actually lifting it off the ground.

Practising these pelvic movements during your pregnancy will create a path of least resistance during the course of your labour, so get rocking!

Watch this very informative video on how to do pelvic rocks (Trimester 1,2,3)

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