Pregnancy concern: Vaginal itchiness

During pregnancy, your body goes through several expected (and a few quite-not-so-expected) changes. While you might expect swollen feet and a sore back, vaginal itchiness during pregnancy is one of the not-so-fun changes you might not have been prepared for.

In fact, this uncomfortable itch down under, uncomfortable and embarrassing as it might be, it is actually quite common in expecting mummies for a number of reasons.

During your pregnancy, this piece of knowledge does nothing for your piece of mind. If you’ve ever experienced vaginal itchiness, you don’t need a great deal of information on the matter; you just want to know how to make it go away. Treating the problem is easy enough, but are these same treatment options safe to an expecting mummy?

What causes vaginal itchiness in pregnancy?

As mentioned, many reasons can contribute to vaginal itchiness, especially during pregnancy. Firstly, your body is using up all it’s extra moisture, so you are left dehydrated most of the time. This extra dryness can lead to itching and irritation in your most intimate parts, and scratching will only worsen the situation.

Additionally, you will have more vaginal discharge during this stage as the pH level of your vagina changes, which alone can lead to an infection. If your discharge is clear or milky white with no odour, it is a sign that you are healthy, but any other discharge can indicate signs of a yeast infection, vaginosis, urinary infection or sexually transmitted diseases.

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