Pregnancy concerns: Vaginal discharge

One of the first changes you may notice after you become pregnant is increased vaginal discharge. Many women may experience vaginal discharge even if they are not pregnant, but becoming pregnant may increase the amount of discharge have. Your body is overproducing hormones and getting ready for the new baby, and everything about your body is changing.

What is vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is also known as “leukorrhea.” It’s a thin, white, milky-like substance you excrete through your vagina. This fluid is a release of bacteria and old cells from your vagina. When you are pregnant this substance may increase, but it should never have an odor or color.

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Is vaginal discharge normal?

Absolutely, every pregnant woman will have some type of vaginal discharge while she is pregnant. Some may experience a mild form, while other notice a more heavier discharge.  When you are pregnant you will experience an increase in estrogen, which will cause the walls of your vagina to increase their cells.

A normal form of discharge will be milky and odorless. If you experience any type of discharge that has an odor or any type of coloration, you should consult your doctor immediately, as it could indicate an infection.

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Dealing with vaginal discharge

While there is nothing you can do about vaginal discharge while you are pregnant, there are some things that may help you feel more comfortable.

  1. Never use tampons while you are pregnant. The added irritation may increase the discharge.
  2. Never douche while pregnant. This will wash away the natural, good bacteria your body needs right now.
  3. Keep your vaginal area clean during your pregnancy.
  4. Wear panty liners to absorb the vaginal discharge and help you feel more comfortable.


Always remember that if you notice any type of colorization or odor in your vaginal discharge to contact your doctor as soon as possible. This may be a sign of some type of infection going on that your doctor should be aware of.

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