Pregnancy myth: Craving sweets means a boy?

In this series, we explore common pregnancy myths, where they come from and whether there’s any truth in them. While we offer the scientific answers to all these myths, we’ll also look them from a cultural perspective and offer practical tips.

Does craving sweets when pregnant mean I’m having a boy?

You’re craving sweet foods all the time, from candy to lots on syrup on your dessert. According to Chinese culture, your elders might tell you that means you’re expecting a bouncy baby boy.

If you’re craving sour foods, on the other hand, you’ll have a darling daughter. Can this myth be trusted?

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Where does it comes from?

Nobody really knows how this old wives’ tale about craving sweets when pregnant came about, but one of the most amusing things about this gender predicting myths is that it’s directly opposed to Western myths about gender. According to Western myths, pregnant women expecting boys crave salty and sour foods, while those expecting girls crave sweets and fruits.

If you didn’t already know there was no basis to this myth, that realisation should bust it once and for all. For every person you’ve met who ate a lot of sweet snacks and delivered a boy, you’ll meet someone else who did the same and had a girl. Until now, there’s still no accurate way of predicting the gender short of running medical examinations.

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