Doctor’s views on pregnancy sex

Will I enjoy sex when I am pregnant? Is there a reason why couples should avoid sex during this time? Dr Tan Eng Loy, Consultant, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology sheds some light to these questions and more. Read about it here!

All about pregnancy sex

Sexual intercourse in the absence of contraception leads to pregnancy. Upon achieving pregnancy, many couples may stop having sexual intercourse as they have seemingly achieved their target. Some may also avoid sexual intercourse for the fear of causing pregnancy complications.

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Will pregnancy sex be enjoyable?

Ironically, sexual intercourse during pregnancy can be more enjoyable for couples, even though they may do it less frequently. In pregnancy, there is an increase in vaginal lubrication. Together with increased engorgement of the genital area, couples may find sexual intercourse in pregnancy actually more pleasurable. For couples that have been trying for pregnancy for a while, a return to sex for pleasure rather than to achieve pregnancy may make the process more enjoyable.

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