Preggie-friendly footwear

In addition to the catalogue of unexpected pregnancy twists and turns, your feet will let you down. They will swell, they will ache, and they will actually grow in size. Chances are, this will lead to intense back pain and uncomfortable spasms and cramps throughout the rest of your body. If your feet are in any hampered in supporting you and your blossoming pregnancy weight, it will cause you pain and lead to further problems with your gait and posture.

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This is why wearing the right pregnancy shoes is vital. Preggie-friendly footwear will go a long way to ease some of your aches and can even smooth out your posture. And contrary to popular belief, maternity shoes need not be boring or dull-looking.

Podiatrists generally advise against wearing heels high enough to induce nose bleeds, even during your first trimester before your body goes through most of its changes. We have covered high heel shoes during pregnancy extensively in another article, and while wearing them will pose no health risk to you or your baby directly, there is a very good chance that you can slip and have a nasty fall. To read more about heels and pregnancy, click here.

Choosing the right pregnancy shoes can actually enhance your performance while easing out the aches and sprains, but where do you even start? There is no one shoe or brand that you should consider, and remember, you don’t have to compromise on style for comfort.

Pregnancy in high heels

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Things to consider when shopping for pregnancy shoes

  • Going against a popular belief, a pair of dead flats is not a good choice for a pregnant mummy. What you really need is a modest heel lift with proper support for your arches to ensure they don’t collapse under the extra baby weight.
  • As mentioned, your shoe size can increase by a size or two, so be prepared to shop for larger numbers. Always try the shoes on first before you make a purchase. The best pregnancy shoes will have space for your toes and won’t squeeze you.
  • Go shoe shopping in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest to ensure a correct fit.
  • Towards the end of your pregnancy, opt for a simpler shoe design – ideally something that can slip on and off. You will have difficulty tying your shoe laces over your very protruding belly in your third trimester.
  • Opt for pregnancy shoes made out of natural materials. Leather allows your feet to breathe, and usually ensure an anatomically correct fit as the shoe shapes around your foot.

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Take your time to shop around for just the right shoe, but even if online stores offer great bargains on their collection, this is one scenario where you will have to try the shoes on for yourself, thanks to your fluctuating foot size. If you are a bargain hunter, be sure to find the right size in store first, see that it fits, and then order the right size online. Nursing shoes – the same shoes doctors and nurses wear – also make for excellent pregnancy shoes. If they are good enough to support professionals on their 12 hour shifts, they are good enough to keep you strutting your stuff in comfort.

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