Pregnancy week 11

After 10 weeks into your pregnancy, you are coming to the end of the first trimester. The good news is that the pregnancy symptoms you’ve experienced since week six are starting to wane. You can soon say your official goodbyes to morning sickness and exhaustion!

How your foetus is developing during pregnancy week 11:

At week 11, your baby is about the size of a fig and weighs in at a teeny 1/4 ounces. His head has grown to almost half the size of his body, which is now about 5 cm long. Small tooth buds will appear under his gums, and his toes and fingers are now separated. His limbs will soon be able to start moving, so be prepared to experience some major kicking in a month or two!

For now, these movements – and his hiccuping – can only be detected through an ultrasound scan. In several weeks, your baby’s sexual organs will also be distinguishable enough for you to determine his/her gender.

What you can do during pregnancy week 11:

Your pregnant bump is growing at a rapid rate and more amniotic fluid, blood, sweat and oil will be produced. Do drink more fluids to keep yourself hydrated as your body continues to change. After all the nauseating episodes, you will now have a better appetite. Remember to stick to a balanced and nutritious diet so that your baby will develop healthily!

Mummies may also want to invest in a good pillow to prop up the body, in preparation for nights when your little one decides to perform acrobatics in you in one to two months’ time. You may also opt to undergo a chorionic villus sampling test (CVS), where cells are extracted from the developing placenta.This placenta comprises cells that are derived from the same fertilised egg as the foetus, and can detect possible unusual genetic developments in the baby early.

What happens to my baby at 12 weeks?