Pregnancy week 12

After 11 weeks, you’ve finally come to the end of the first trimester, and you’re about to enter the second one, where things can only get better. This is also the best time to make travel plans if you are intending to go on a babymoon before your baby comes.

How your foetus is developing during pregnancy week 12:

The foetus now weighs about 15 grams, and its facial features are looking more human-like. Your baby is also starting to develop reflexes such as opening and closing its fingers, curling its toes and sucking with its mouth. If you were to poke your stomach, your baby will respond even though you can’t feel its movements.

Your baby is also now a step closer to recognising you! His tastebuds are quickly maturing, and the 40 receptor cells that help associate food with people and smells will alert his brain to help recognise the tastes in amniotic fluid that turn up in your breast milk and perspiration.

What you can do during pregnancy week 12:

You’re approaching the end of your first trimester, and should invest in looser-fitting clothes as your baby bump becomes more prominent. Hormones may also cause your skin to breakout, which may cause you to feel slightly insecure, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a few things here and there!

Your stomach muscles are becoming less active, causing harder stools and making you release more gas than usual. Drink more fluids and eat more fruits to promote bowel movement. You are also likely to feel your uterus expanding and suffer from mild cramps, which shouldn’t cause you much pain. Please seek help from your gynaecologist if the pain becomes too much to bear.

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