Your pregnancy week by week: Week 1 and 2

Mummies-to-be, have you ever wondered about what really happens during the first two months when your baby is growing inside of you? This series will help you go through your pregnancy week by week and learn about the development of your precious baby from day 0.

What happens in the first two weeks:

Mummies, I know this may sound confusing, but in week one and two, your body is just gearing up for pregnancy. It is technically considered week one and two, but conception only occurs in the third week of your pregnancy. At this point (week 1 and 2), your egg and sperm have not even met yet.

What you can do right now:

Prepare! There might also be some lifestyle changes that you need to make for the sake of the coming of the baby. It might seem difficult at first to quit certain bad habits but you will soon realise that it’s worth it for the health and overall well-being of your precious little one! Daddies, this applies to you to as well!

What happens at week 3?