Pregnancy weight gain in the 1st trimester

You’ve just found out you are pregnant but decided not to tell the world just yet. It’s an exciting time and with so much on your mind, you let your strict diet and exercise routine slip. You can’t seem to find the time, what with celebration dinners, close family get-togethers, and cosy nights in planning the future, it’s totally understandable.

Twinned with the statutory pregnancy weight gain, you could be mistaken for packing on the pounds! But, who cares, this is a completely normal reaction in those early weeks, and as long as you stay active and eat healthy, everything should be fine.

In the beginning

After the initial positive test result, it’s likely that you’ll eat plenty more than you’re used to! Unless you are suffering from  extreme morning sickness, you’ll be happy to say, “I’m eating for two now! I’m supposed to gain weight!” It is true, pregnancy weight gain is a fact, but what people neglect to tell you is that, in the beginning, the weight doesn’t immediately form that perfectly rounded belly.

Where it hits

Obviously, that beautiful bump you crave will appear eventually, but not normally until the 2nd trimester. Pregnancy weight gain starts to show further up the body in those early days – in your breasts.

The weight will then appear in the hips, buttocks, thighs and the stomach. If you are a petite girl already, you (and your partner) will love those new sexy curves! But, you will have to wait a little while longer for that pregnant belly though. At this point, your friends and work colleagues may start to wonder if you’ve neglected your healthy lifestyle. Let them wonder! This is fun!

The clothes

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