Getting pregnant after bariatric surgery

Many women of child-bearing age are having bariatric surgery to help lose weight. In fact many women are opting for this surgery to help become pregnant. Studies have shown that obese women have a harder time conceiving children.

Having the bariatric surgery greatly increases their chances of conceiving naturally. With this trend on the rise, studies have been done to make sure that it is safe to get pregnant after bariatric surgery. The latest studies show that it is even safer for a woman to get pregnant after bariatric surgery then while they are obese. Obese women tend to have more problems conceiving and are at a higher risk for problems during delivery.

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery

Women who are categorized as obese will have an extremely hard time in conceiving and when they do, they will have an even harder time in maintaining a healthy weight for their pregnancy. For most women in this category diets do not work. A large growing number is turning to bariatric surgery for help. Having bariatric surgery done can help to increase their chances of conceiving, sometimes by fifty percent.

Women that choose to get pregnant after bariatric surgery find it easier to maintain a healthy weight for their pregnancy. There have been no side effects reported with having the bariatric surgery before getting pregnant.

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How long to wait to get pregnant after bariatric surgery

Any woman who undergoes bariatric surgery or any type of stomach bypass surgery, should wait at least eighteen months before trying to conceive a child. The first eighteen months after these types of surgeries is when your body goes through that rapid weight loss time frame. The sudden lose of nutrients will cause serious complications for a woman who becomes pregnant during this time.

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Women who undergo a lap-band procedure or use the Realize Band are advise to weight at least six months before trying to conceive. This method does not go through the sudden weight lose that occurs after Bariatric surgery. Their bodies will not experience the sudden lose of nutrients and will be at an ideal weight at six months after the lap-band surgery.

Delivery options after bariatric surgery

Many doctors will recommend having a C-Section for women who have gotten pregnant after bariatric surgery. It is a safer method of delivery in many cases. It is not medically necessary to have a C-section after bariatric surgery. You should discuss your options of delivery with your doctor and also voice your preference of delivery options.

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The most important part of getting pregnant after bariatric surgery is your nutritional diet. Depending on which type of surgery you have had, you may have to monitor your nutritional intake more carefully. Sticking to the advice of your doctor is the best way to go.

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