Pregnant and moving house: Rules and tips

Pregnant and moving house? Fret not! Here are rules and tips from to adhere to so that you do not endanger your unborn baby.

Pregnant and moving house

Moving house can be quite a headache for most of us, let alone the pregnant women. From the feng shui perspective, it is advisable to avoid moving house during pregnancy and also one month after giving birth.

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However, for pregnant mums-to-be who have plans to move house, we have some useful tips for you in this article!

Pregnant and moving house rule #1:

Renovation of Your New Home

If your new home is under renovation, I would discourage you from going to the site for any inspection, especially if works are in progress.

In the study of feng shui, it is believed that the energy (qi) is extremely unstable during renovation works and this would cause unnecessary disturbance to both you and your little baby.

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If the site inspection is unavoidable, do instruct the contractor to stop all work and also keep the sharp objects/tools away, as these items are sources of negative energies too. While inspecting the site, it would be good if you can touch the belly and talk to your little one inside to make him/her feel secure.

Pregnant and moving house rule #2:

Selecting an Auspicious Date for Moving House

Moving to a new environment means that there will be a huge change of energy (qi), and this can potentially affect you and your baby. As such, it is highly recommended that you select an auspicious date for moving house, so as to ensure a smoother process.

As a quick guide, avoid choosing a day that is in conflict with the zodiac signs of the family members (staying in the new house), especially you – the pregnant mum-to-be.

For instance, if you are born in the Year of the Pig, the Snake day will clash with your zodiac sign and is to be avoided.

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