Pregnant daredevils: Skydiving while pregnant

Some women push their limits even during pregnancy. And it’s not a rare occurrence either. Passionate skydivers or base jumpers are not letting pregnancy stop them from doing what they love. But what are doctors saying? Is skydiving while pregnant pure insanity or not as dangerous as most people think?

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Skydiving while pregnant is defying the odds

It was in 2005 that a pregnant women, Shayna Richardson, couldn’t open her parachute. She fell on her belly and hit the asphalt at 50 mph. She had no idea that she was pregnant at the time. Miraculously, and after many surgeries, she and the baby were fine.

This wasn’t the case for a Swedish woman, Wioletta Roslan. The avid base jumper wanted to make a last jump before giving birth. Her parachute failed to open and she and her baby both died instantly. Her mother pleaded with her to stop skydiving while pregnant, but her passion for the sport was too intense.

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Watch the diver take the plunge–she was two months pregnant at the time.

Skydiving while pregnant: what are the recommendations?

Although there is no law to prohibit skydiving while pregnant, doctors recommend to refrain from such activities. Anything that can involve falling, even cycling, is something pregnant women should avoid. There are many reasons why injuries can be much more risky during pregnancy. The joints become softer and there is a bigger chance for sprains. The rush of adrenaline during such an activity can also be detrimental for the developing foetus. And of course, the biggest chance is of miscarriage if there is indeed an injury.

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