Is your preemie at a higher risk of heart disease?

A study, recently published by the American Heart Association, has revealed a connection between premature babies and heart problems. Adults that were born prematurely are more likely to suffer heart issues, according to this latest research.

Premature babies and heart problems during adulthood

The study, which compared premature babies to full term babies, from birth until adulthood (mid twenties), claimed that babies who are born earlier than 37 weeks, are more likely to develop cardiovascular problems.

The study was led by Oxford University and found that the right ventricle of the heart was smaller in premature babies. They also discovered that its function was altered, having a lower pumping capacity to full-term babies.

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“Young adults born preterm have distinct differences in left ventricular mass, function, and geometry.The changes are greater in the right ventricle than previously observed in the left ventricle, with potentially clinically significant impairment in right ventricular systolic function.” says the study, Right Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction in Young Adults Born Preterms, American Heart Association.

These heart defects can have a great impact on heart health during adulthood. It was found that the earlier a baby was born, the higher the risk to develop these problems.

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