7 bad habits to quit before getting pregnant

You know that your lifestyle will change once you have a child, but there are actually some key habits you should change (or give up altogether) when you are preparing for pregnancy. Your body should be in optimal condition before you think about trying to conceive. It’ll help you and baby have a healthy and trouble-free nine months. For the best chances of getting pregnant quickly, and having a relatively comfortable pregnancy journey, here are some handy hints for preparing for pregnancy. Quit these bad habits now before you get pregnant. This applies for daddies-to-be too!

1. Smoking

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You probably already know smoking is bad for a fetus, with complications that include reducing the flow of oxygen to the baby, causing a faster heart rate and a high risk of miscarriage etc. But quitting only when you get pregnant is not good enough as you’ll still have the buildup of tar and nicotine in your body. As for men, smoking reduces your semen quality and affects your hormone levels. Also, think about how inhaling second-hand smoke will be bad for your pregnant partner!

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