The pressure to lose pregnancy weight fast

For most of us, it can take up to three months after delivery for baby bumps to go down, and even longer before we feel back to our pre-pregnancy figure. Losing weight should be a gradual process, especially if you are breastfeeding, but there is new evidence to suggest that women feel pressured to lose pregnancy weight fast, because their partners are unhappy with the way they look.

A recent survey compiled the responses of 800 expectant mums and found that one in five of the women felt pressure to slim down as soon as possible to please their partner. In addition, new mums expressed emotional instability, stress and the pressure to look good following their deliveries and that pressure came from the media and other family members also.

It also revealed that it isn’t just the goal to lose pregnancy weight fast that’s playing havoc with a post-pregnant mum’s mind either. Other concerns included stretchmarks and body shape.

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Deepa Primalani, Founder of Your Fitness Singapore, believes that good exercise and a healthy diet during pregnancy goes a long way to helping you have a happy pregnancy and getting back to fitness mentally and physically after birth.

She says: “Keeping fit and maintaining a nutritious diet is good for a person’s general health and wellbeing. This does not change when you’re pregnant. In fact, if you have maintained your health, fitness and nutrition well before pregnancy, it is highly likely that you will have a much smoother pregnancy than someone who has not.

“Attending to a newborn is tiring and stressful. Exercise is a good way to take your mind off things and to do something for yourself. It will make you feel better.”

Lose pregnancy weight fast, just like the celebrities!

The media has often come under scrutiny for glamourising celebrities, who lose pregnancy weight fast – within a few weeks of giving birth. Big features and pictures of a celebrity will appear, detailing their weight loss secrets.

Women feel that they should be able to zip up their skinny jeans just as quick. What we don’t learn about is the extent to which these women have gone to achieve their new-look, and the help they have had to do it.

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Give yourself time

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