Quality time: Bonding with your newborn baby

The bond between mummy and baby is a strong thing and for many mums it comes naturally. There are a few mums that may need some ideas on how to make this work. The bonding process should start in the hospital. Babies need to know right away who their mum is and be close to them. There are several easy ways mummies can bond with their babies.

Kangaroo care

This type of bonding is not just for preemies. Skin to skin contact is the most effective way to bond with your baby. Kangaroo care strengthens or establishes the bond between mummy and baby with skin to skin contact. This method is especially perfect for preterm babies that need the warmth to help them develop.

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Baby massage

Massage time is the perfect time mummies can bond with their babies. You can do this right after the bath and use it as special alone time for the two of you. Your baby will recognize the feeling of your touch and will relax. Massage time is also good for your baby, because a massage can help to rejuvenate their muscles.


Cuddling is the best time to make memories with your baby. Not only will this allow mummies to bond with their babies but it also gives mummy lasting memories of when her baby was young. Mummies can cuddle with their babies anytime. It is especially beneficial when the baby is fussy. The feeling of being cuddled by mummy will calm them down because they know they are safe and secure.

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Breastfeeding will be the first chance that mummies can bond with their babies. Newborns should breastfeed shortly after being born to help establish this bond. Breastfeeding does not only help the baby, there are many benefits to breastfeeding for mums too. Breastfeeding helps reduce the chance of getting breast cancer, and it will also allow mummy to bond with her baby. Did we mention it can help return your body to its pre-pregnancy shape?

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There are many ways that mummies can bond with their babies that can be done anywhere. Spending as much quality time with your baby as you can will help. Many mums are worried about going back to work and not being able to spend much time with their baby. Just spend as much quality time with your baby as you can, sometimes it is the quality that counts not so much the quantity.

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