7 questions to ask yourself before having a baby

Having a baby is huge decision for couples. It demands a lifetime commitment to provide undying love, education, shelter and attention for another human being. While it is a completely natural process of life to reproduce, it’s important that a couple make an educated decision about the right time to have a child. Here are some questions to ask yourself before having a baby:

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Can you cope with the changes to your body?

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Mums, be ready for your body to change and do things you never expected. Between a growing tummy and raging hormones, not to mention giving birth, a woman's body goes through a lot during pregnancy. It can be tough, and it's something to really think about before having a baby. Growing a child is a beautiful and miraculous process, but it takes a toll, and you should prepare.

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If after going through those questions, you still feel that you are ready to be a parent, then it's vital that you give your baby the best possible start by getting your own life sorted before you get pregnant. Spend a few months making changes to your diet and lifestyle. If you have an existing medical condition, you will also need to speak to your doctor about making changes to your prescriptions. Good luck mum and dads-to-be — and welcome to the club!

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