Radish congee with huai shan and Job’s tears

Job’s tears (also known as Coix) is a barley-like kernel which aids in eliminating phlegm and reducing swelling in joints and sinews. This warm and easily prepared radish congee may reduce the impact of certain factors which contribute to infertility, while folic acid from the radish helps in preventing anemia in expectant mothers. Try this comforting and nutritious at home!



  • 250g radish
  • 30g Job’s Tears (Coix)
  • 20g Huai Shan (Chinese Burdock or Dried Chinese Yam)
  • 50g long-grain rice



  1. Rinse all ingredients
  2. Peel and cut the radish into pieces. Cook until done.
  3. Add Job’s Tears, Huai Shan and rice.
  4. Cook until the rice is mushy. Serve.


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