How do I register my baby’s name?

Like many excited parents, you probably have your baby’s name picked out well before the birth. Picking out the perfect name is fun, but registering your baby’s name is also an important act that will mark your baby’s identity and citizenship. In Singapore there is more than one way you can register your baby’s name, and it’s a very simple process.

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Where can I register my baby’s name?

One option is to register your baby’s name at a Birth Registration Center, which is usually a staple at most major hospitals. Another route is to go to the Registry of Births and Deaths at the Immigration Checkpoint Authority to register your baby’s name.

When you’ve registered your new arrival, your baby will be issued a birth certificate, which will serve as his or her main source of identity papers until he or she is old enough to register for an identity card.

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Before going to register your baby’s name, there is an important checklist of questions every parent should run through to make sure the registration process runs smoothly.

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“How do I register my baby’s name?”

What do I need to register my baby’s name?

To register your baby, you need the following items:

  • The Notification of Live Birth, which will be issued to you by the hospital. If your child was not born in a hospital, you can obtain it from the personnel, e.g. the midwife or ambulance staff who delivered the baby.
  • Original Marriage Certificate of parents
  • Identity Cards of both parents. For foreigners, you will require your passports, entry permits and disembarkation or embarkation cards.
  • An administrative fee of $18. Some hospitals may charge additional fees.

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When is the latest date I can register my baby’s name?

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