How do I register my baby’s name?

When is the latest date I can register my baby?

A birth certificate is an important document, and you may not be ready to register your baby’s name immediately. Perhaps you want to calculate your baby’s Ba Zi first and consult a fortune teller to choose an auspicious name, or perhaps you need to decide on the details you want to see on the certificate, like your baby’s ethnicity. Sometimes it can time some time to name your new baby.

Luckily the Immigration Checkpoint Authority allows you a time period of 14 days, including weekends and holidays, during which you can register your new baby’s name. Delayed registration before 42 days is possible, but discouraged — so, the sooner the better!

What else do I need to know?

Before registering you need to have decided on all the details of your baby’s name, including the spelling and order of the names. Ensure that you have written the ethnic characters of your child’s name correctly in the birth certificate. If you have given your child a Hanyu Pinyin name, you must include the Chinese characters in the certificate also.

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You will also need to register the race of your child. For mixed-ethnicity babies, you can now choose from double-barrelled options like Chinese-Caucasian or Caucasian-Chinese. Once you have made this decision, all subsequent children must follow this category.

Once these details have been included, the Registration Officer will print out the birth certificate for you. Make sure to check over the details to ensure that it is error-free before signing. The completed birth certificate will then be laminated and issued to you to take home.

Congratulations, your baby now has an official name and identity!

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