What is the role of a birth partner?

Having a birth partner with you during labour can greatly reduce your stress and anxiety. Leaving you to concentrate your energy on yourself and the baby. Having the right person to fulfill the role of a birth partner can be a real lifeline during delivery.

In contrast, many women are strong enough to tackle labour head-on. Some mummies-to-be prefer not be distracted by the presence of a birth partner. When there are no onlookers to provide comfort, she will look inwards for support and guidance.

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Having a birth partner is a personal choice rather than a necessity. While some mummies can do without what they perceive to be the interfering role of a birth partner, others do not want to go at it alone. If you feel that you want to share this magical moment with someone close to you, then having a birth partner present is the way to go.

Husbands in the role of birth partner

In many cases, the father of your baby will be your birth partner. Becoming a parent is a momentous moment in both your lives, so who more perfect to share these emotions with than your partner? Your ideal birth partner should have the strength to see you through the demands of labour.

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That said, you might also choose someone else to stand in as the role of birth partner for various reasons. Your husband might not cope too great with seeing you in pain. Seeing him stress himself into a frenzy is additional stress that you really don’t need in the delivery room. Sometimes, it just isn’t possible for the father to be present. In that case, a close and trusting friend or family member will fit the bill.

What does a birth partner do?

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