Royal baby care: Then and now

With the recent arrival of the new heir to the throne, royalty is on everyone’s minds. Many wonder how the new royal baby is going to be brought up. Questions about baby care, including future nannies, are already being discussed. When it comes to royal babies, there have been a lot of changes over the decades. You might call it a modernization of parenthood in royal families.

Early royal baby care: Then

Every birth in the royal family was an important event, but one that was not disclosed to the public. During Queen Victoria’s reign, newborns had an army of nursemaids and nannies to take care of them. The mother would not be breastfeeding herself. The role of parents and grandparents was limited in those days. The royal nannies would have full authority to take care of the royal baby. Some say that they had too much authority, as there were even cases of child abuse by royal nannies.

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Early royal baby care: Now

A more modern approach to early parenting came from Charles and Diana. Charles even assisted the birth of his children. Princess Diana breastfed her children. She tried to minimize the role of royal nannies, and to have a full input in her children’s upbringing. It is thought that Kate and William will do the same. They will of course have some help from nannies, but they don’t plan to follow royal standards to the letter. Kate already opted for modern pain relief methods for labour, such as the hypno-birthing technique. She is sure prepared to take on the role as a new mum to her baby.

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Royal baby in the spotlight: Then

The pregnancy or birth of royal babies were not discussed publicly. Pictures of the royal children were taken when they were somewhat older. They were also not really part of the royal tours or public events. It was also Charles and Diana who had a different approach in this area. They involved their children in all areas of their life, including most public appearances. Princess Diana took her children everywhere ever since they were small babies.

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Royal baby in the spotlight: Now

We all know that news of the pregnancy and new baby were all over the news. As much as William and Kate care about privacy, they are important public figures. And they are well aware of that. They will certainly choose to be very involved as new parents. The grandparents will also have an important role in the child’s upbringing. That means that the public will get to see a lot of the new baby in the future. The child will be included in royal duties and events once he is old enough.

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Source: Royal baby: Revolution in the nursery