10 things you’ll sacrifice for your baby

As a parent, you welcome your baby into this world with much love, joy and celebration. Your baby’s first smile will make your heart melt in a way like never before, and you will move mountains for your little one. It is true what new parents tell you: A baby will change your life drastically, and with it comes certain sacrifices.

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Raising a baby is a 24/7 job, and you will be surprised at the sacrifices parents make with a smile on their face. It is a stressful, scary but adventurous and joyous time, and as you will discover, there is not a lot of things that you won’t do for your baby.

Top 10 sacrifices parents make for their baby

  1. Sleep. Your baby will take up most of your waking hours, and nighttime does not bring much relief either. You will instinctively wake up when you baby cries, and you will stay awake with him. The good news is your baby will eventually sleep through after a couple of months, but initially you will have to grab as many stolen moments as you can.
  2. Personal time. For the foreseeable future, you will forget the meaning of personal time. Those moments of quiet solitude no longer belong to you.
  3. Personal space. Planned a relaxing candle lit bath for yourself? Or a little downtime behind close d doors? Babies, toddlers and teenagers, alike, have no concept of personal boundaries, so you can be sure that you will be sharing your bathroom time with the rest of the house.
  4. Money. Babies are little money vacuums and giving up a lifestyle is one of the biggest sacrifices parents make. When you have a baby, all your money goes to them; you want them to have the best of everything. Then comes the inevitable saving for school / college / university as you invest in their future.
  5. Your home. Of course you won’t have to give up your home, not in the physical sense. But at some point you will look around the now-warzone that was your once stylish living room and wonder whatever happened to that expensive couch you loved so much.
  6. Gadgets. Another big sacrifice parents make, especially dads, is giving up their big-boy toys. Most men love gadgets and the very latest in trendy technology, but yet find themselves giving up the television to cartoons. The new stereo system becomes redundant anyway as you really try to avoid waking your baby.
  7. Your social life- Once upon a time, you had a thriving social life. You could go out for impromptu drinks at the drop of a hat, stay out until the crack of dawn and throw as many dinner parties as you felt like. Now, you would like nothing more than a quiet night in with your family.
  8. Romance. Yes, there is a way to balance romance with the responsibilities of parenting, but it requires work and effort. It is difficult to feel spontaneous with everything else going on.
  9. Selfishness. Somehow, through it all, you find that you simply don’t come first in your life anymore. You base everything from restaurants to your next car around your baby and do so without even skipping a beat.
  10. Career. Many parents do have successful careers and juggle their responsibilities well. Having a baby does not mean you have to give up your dream job, but some parents choose to give it all up to become full time caretakers.

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The sacrifices parents make might seem harsh, but they won’t trade parenting for anything in the world. What have you sacrificed for your little one? Share your story with us on Facebook.

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Source: 10 sacrifices parents make for their children