Safely turning a breech baby for delivery

You are in the last weeks of pregnancy, but you find out that you have a breech baby. The normal fetal position for delivery is head down. Less than 5% of babies fail to take the normal position for birth. A breech presentation of the baby can be frank, footling or complete breech. Having a breech baby is no reason to panic about birth. There are options and methods of turning a breech baby to a normal head down presentation.

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Methods of turning a breech baby

A breech presentation can mean a longer labour, which can pose certain risks during delivery. This is why many doctors will ask the mother to consider a C-section. There are some methods that have proven successful for many breech baby cases. Some can be tried at home by the mother, while others are medical procedures done in hospitals. These should only be attempted around 37th week of pregnancy.

The home methods are tried by many parents and usually don’t present any risks. The ones that involve exercises should be discussed with a doctor. The medical procedures present some risks but are done in a safe environment, while the baby is fully monitored.

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Home methods for turning a breech baby

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