Say goodbye to nappy rash with Bepanthen!

You’ve just had a new baby and like all parents, you want to give your little darling only the very best of everything.

This includes skin-care products that protect her delicate skin from irritating conditions such as nappy rash. As a parent, you certainly don’t want to use anything that may have a negative impact on her health.

Keeping your baby’s skin clean and dry — especially her diaper region — is really important because if you don’t, it could lead to nappy rash which can be painful and irritating for your baby.

As a modern parent, you want to be informed about all possible methods of caring for your precious baby.

This includes being knowledgeable about the pros and cons of certain baby care products and ways of looking after your little one.

The old and the new in baby care


Make an informed decision about what you choose to put on your baby’s delicate diaper area to protect her/his soft skin from nappy rash

When it comes to looking after your baby’s diaper area, there are 2 schools of thought: Old methods vs. New methods.

One very popular ‘old’ method of looking after a baby’s nappy area is using powder after every change and/or bath, and your mother and/or grandmother may have even used powder on you as a baby.

Newer methods include using thick barrier ointments. But sometimes, mums may encounter certain problems when they use either of these methods and it’s good to know what these are.

We talk about some of these problems and the solution to these issues on the next page…