Mums, regular health screenings can help keep you and your loved ones healthy

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Screen for Life: Finding the right types of health screening for your family

There are a lot of health screening packages available in the market. But are they all relevant and how do you know which are suitable for you and your loved ones? This is where Screen for Life can help you.  

Screen for Life is an online interactive platform that features evidence based screenings recommended for individuals based on their age and gender.

For your newborn baby, you can learn about all the recommended health screenings that he should be going for to ensure that he meets the various developmental milestones. For instance, when your baby is one month old, his growth, feeding, hearing and physical development should be reviewed. When your baby is older at 9 months, he should also be tested for squint.

Similarly, for your spouse, you can check the recommended screening tests he should be going for. Do you know if he is 30 years old, he should be screened for obesity and high blood pressure yearly? However, when he turns 50 years old, he should also be screened for diabetes, high blood cholesterol and colorectal cancer.

In addition, Screen for Life also includes key information pertaining to immunisation, from childhood to old age – such as the different types of recommended immunisations that your baby should get at different ages. This helps you keep track of your child’s immunisation schedule and plan your visits to the doctor. Most importantly, it ensures that your little one is protected against potentially harmful infectious diseases. Screen for Life is definitely a useful and comprehensive tool for any super-mum!

Remember, good health should not be taken for granted. Live life to the fullest with your loved ones by making health screening a routine in your life.

Visit screenforlife.sg or call HPB HealthLine at 1800 223 1313 for more information on preventive health services that parents and kids are recommended to take up based on their age and gender.