Screening tests during pregnancy: Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)

The oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is performed to test for Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes in pregnant women. With an OGTT, you are required to fast overnight (at least 8 hours). Glucose is given orally and blood samples are taken 2 hours later to determine how quickly the body is able to break down the glucose, or sugar in the bloodstream.

Generally diagnosed during childhood, those who suffer from Type 1 diabetes have problems breaking down glucose as they do not have enough supply of insulin in their body.

On the other hand, Type 2 diabetes usually develops during adulthood. For Type 2 diabetes, the body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or is resistant to insulin.

Gestational diabetes happens when the mother does not have diabetes but has high blood sugar levels as a result of pregnancy. This usually happens during the second trimester.