Seeing ugly things = Ugly baby?

Throughout generations pregnancy has been shrouded in myths and old wife’s tales that have been handed down like a sacred tradition.

The moment you announce your pregnancy, you will have your fair share of speculations, predictions and silly tales and advice about the life growing inside you. Don’t be surprised if even strangers jump in on the hype, offering you their own versions of age-old pregnancy myths.

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Women all over the world often hear a lot of this so-called “advice”, and even your own family might have a few unshakeable ideas based purely on tradition, and not on solid facts. Older members of the family especially might take these myths quite seriously, and you can even land yourself in hot water if you try and laugh these off. Some of the well-intended advice will serve no purpose but to add to your normal concerns about your pregnancy and your baby.

We have covered pregnancy myths extensively in this series, but none are quite as preposterous as the myth about expecting an ugly baby.

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The ugly stick myth

As the age-old story goes, if you see something ugly, horrific or even slightly offensive, you will give birth to an ugly baby. An alternative spin off around this myth states that if you hate someone passionately while you are expecting, your baby will look like that person.

Will you really have an ugly baby?

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