Why do women shake after giving birth?

Why are you shaking after giving birth?

After birth, your body goes through changes at an enormously rapid pace. There are three stages of being in labour and chills and tremors normally start during the second ‘pushing’ stage when you actually deliver your baby. The shakes can last through the third stage until you have delivered the placenta and beyond. The severity will vary from woman to woman.

They will last anything from a couple of minutes to a few hours and are attributed to the following factors:

  • Physical exertion

Have you ever had such a rigorous workout that your entire body feels like jelly afterwards? Labour is almost like that. Your body just went through a whole lot, it takes an enormous physical effort to deliver your baby naturally. Even if you’ve opted for a Caesarean, your body still went through major surgery. The rush of endorphins and adrenaline that accompanies the final stages of labour is enough to make your body shudder when it’s all over.

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  • Hormonal shifts

The hormonal rush during and after labour is intense, to put it mildly. The hormones alone will cause you to tremble as you reach full dilation. The hormones do not simply subside the moment you deliver your baby, so you can experience shaking after giving birth and beyond, at least for a few hours until everything has settled down.

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