Can your baby bump shape predict your baby’s gender?

From the moment you announce your pregnancy to the world, nothing attracts more attention than the speculation about your baby’s sex. Floodgates of theories and predictions are now wide open: Is your one breast bigger than the other? Then you must “definitely” be expecting a girl. If you are craving salty snacks, it must be a boy.
And of course, one of the most famous ways to predict the gender of your baby is to look at the shape of your baby bump.

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Can your baby bump shape really predict your baby’s gender?

You will have no shortage of people telling you in no uncertain terms whether you are expecting a boy or a girl just by looking at the shape of your baby bump. It is a commonly held belief that if you are carrying all your weight out in front of you in a nice tight bundle, you are expecting a little boy. If you are visibly pregnant from behind, carrying all the weight around your hips and bottom with a wide bump, you are likely to be carrying a girl.
But can the shape of your baby bump really predict your baby’s gender?

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Shape of your baby bump: Myth or method?

While you are eager to find out if you are having a boy or a girl, the ultrasound can feel like a long wait. However, it is not likely that the shape of your baby bump can be used as an accurate gender predictor. Experts on the matter suggest that the shape and size of your bump have little to do with your baby but more to do with shape and tone of your body. For instance, if you have a long torso, there is more space for the baby to grow out in front of you. A wide bump can simply mean that your baby is lying sideways.

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With that being said, there is a small bit of truth to the myth, but not when it comes to shape of your baby bump. You have to look further north. Your breasts can give you a better indication of the gender of your foetus than the shape of your baby bump. It is popularly believed that women who develop large breasts will expect a baby girl. Male foetuses produce more testosterone, which may suppress the growth of your breasts.

Speculating and predicting your baby’s gender is a way for other people to feel as if they are more involved in your pregnancy. Realistically, only an ultrasound can give you a reliable answer, but in the meantime, you can have fun guessing!

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